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Your August Fishing Charter Guide in Stuart, Florida

As the summer peaks in August, the waters around Stuart, Florida, become a paradise for anglers. Known as the “Sailfish Capital of the World,” Stuart offers many fishing opportunities, making it a prime destination for charter fishing. Here’s your guide to what you can expect from an August Fishing Charter in Stuart, FL, with Hate to Lose.

What's Biting?

In August, the offshore waters around Stuart continue to teem with Sailfish, along with various other game fish. Anglers can expect to encounter:

Despite peak Sailfish season being in winter, a good number of these fish can be found in the Atlantic waters off Stuart, even in August. Chasing these acrobats of the sea provides a thrilling deep-sea fishing experience.

Caught Sailfish still in the water

This is the perfect time to catch the brightly colored, fast-swimming Mahi Mahi. They’re known to put up a good fight, making the catch even more rewarding.

Man holding a caught Mahi-Mahi

August in Stuart also sees many Wahoo, a species known for its speed and power.

Man Holding a Caught Wahoo

Closer to the shore, Kingfish and Bonito become common catches in August.

Father and Daughter caught a Fish

For Inshore Fishing, Expect to Find Species Like:

1. Snook

The warm August waters are perfect for Snook, who are particularly active during this time.

Stuart Fishing Charter Fish

2. Tarpon

The Silver King, or Tarpon, is another fish you can pursue in the inshore waters around Stuart in August.

Swimming Tarpon

3. Redfish

Redfish are also commonly found in Stuart’s inshore waters during summer.

Stuart Fishing Charter Fish

Fishing Charter Boat in Stuart, FL

Hate 2 Lose Guests and their caught fishes

There are many professional charter services in Stuart that offer full-day and half-day trips. Most charters, like Hate to Lose, include fishing gear, bait, and licenses, so you won’t need to bring your own. Experienced local captains can guide you to the best fishing spots and help improve your chances of landing a great catch.

What to Bring?

While most of the essential fishing gear will be provided by the charter service, it’s recommended to bring the following items for your comfort and convenience:


Remember that fishing regulations are strictly enforced in Florida. Certain species may be catch-and-release only, and size and bag limits apply to others. The charter captain will guide you through these regulations.

Beyond Fishing

After a day of fishing, you can explore the charming city of Stuart, with its beautiful beaches, historic downtown area, and various dining options – including some fantastic seafood restaurants where you can savor the local catch.

Charter boat during sunset with the scenery.

Stuart, Florida, in August is an angler’s dream come true. With abundant marine life and professional charter services to cater to all your fishing needs, you can enjoy the thrill of the chase, the beauty of the surrounding seascape, and the satisfaction of a great catch in the vibrant waters of the Atlantic.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable fishing expedition?

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