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Charter Boat Maintenance Checklist

Fishing charters leave lasting memories. Hate 2 Lose Fishing Charter follows strict routine boat maintenance procedures including exterior cleaning, proper storage, and rigorous engine maintenance to ensure clients always remember their charter with us.

1. Exterior Care

Maintaining boat cleanliness prevents the spread of invasive species and removes sea salt which will begin to erode and cause abrasions and scratches on the exterior of a boat.

Inside the boat

Cleaning Tips for Different Boat Materials

2. Proper Storage

There are advantages to both wet and dry boat storage. Dry boat storage provides easy accessibility for maintenance, deters potential water damage, and reduces the amount of work required when it’s time to sail

Hate2Lose Boat

3. Boat Engine Maintenance

Hate 2 Lose Sport Fishing Charters exercises regular boat engine maintenance. We ensure our boats are always clean, checked thoroughly, and are in working order. Hate 2 Lose Fishing Charters is focused on providing high-quality service and an exceptional customer experience to everyone.

Hate2Lose Boat

Before performing engine maintenance, it’s a good idea to check manufacturer’s recommendations.

General Outboard Motor Care Tips:

Stuart, Florida's Best Charter

Planning a Florida Keys fishing trip? Call the experts at Hate 2 Lose Sport Fishing Charters. Our captain has more than 30 years of experience fishing the Atlantic coast, the Florida Keys, and the Bahamas.

Enjoy the Stuart, Florida Charter experience with Hate 2 Lose Sport Fishing Charters. We are located at Pirates Cove Resort and Marina Fishing Experience Charter.

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Dock Area:
Pirates Cove Resort and Marina Slip N4
4307 SE Bayview St.
Stuart, Fl

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