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Stuart, FL October Fishing Guide

October Fishing Guide in Florida

Explore the waters off the coast of Stuart, Florida this October for it is now the best month for fishing and charter trips. The season when inshore waters cool down and offshore heats up, migration is high, and the best and bountiful fishes can be found alongshore waters.

Stuart, Florida is the best location to find and hunt for fishes like sailfish, mutton snapper, amberjacks, and blue marlin. These fishes can put up a fresh challenge, offer a new fishing experience, or fulfill one’s wishful fishing dream.

In this blog post, we’ll share the best tips for October fishing in Stuart, Florida, with Hate 2 Lose Fishing Charters.

Take Advantage of Cooler Temperatures

October’s cooler temperatures provide relief from the summer heat and make for a more comfortable fishing experience. The change in temperature also causes fish to move into different areas, making it an excellent time to explore new fishing spots and target different species.

Target Migrating Species

October is a prime time for targeting several migratory fish species, such as king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and cobia. These fish follow the baitfish migration, offering excellent opportunities for anglers to catch these powerful and hard-fighting game fish.

What fish are in season in October in Florida?

1. Sailfish

If you are looking for some action this month, Stuart is one of the best locations for sailfish fishing! Sail fishes are widely considered one of the fastest fish in the ocean and catching a sailfish having a speed of 70mph is a challenging experience for beginners or even veteran anglers for any charter trips. 

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Sailfishes are predominantly active parading along with Stuart, Florida. October cold fronts are their favorite seasons, where some schools of baitfish move to the south and sailfishes follow them. You can find them alone or in small groups, swimming near surfaces of water in search of prey, or some undergoing long migrations.

2. Mutton Snapper

Even though mutton snappers can be tackled lightly, but are strong fighters. Weighing more than 25 to 30 pounds they can be caught using small lures, baits, or slowly trolled near the bottom. They can also be caught either by fly fishing, luring them to the surface, or bottom fishing using chunk techniques then caught on fly tackle easily.

Guests show his caught fish

What most fisher’s love about mutton snappers is the size-catch which usually is 34” fork length! However, it has a daily bag limit of one mutton snapper per person only. Mutton snapper’s season starts from May and lasts until October, which during these seasons they idle along on Stuart waters such as baitfish patches, bays and estuaries, channel entrances, and coastal Waters.

3. Amberjacks

October is the month for amberjacks, avid fisher’s most popular fish target on charter excursions. What most veteran anglers love about amberjack is that they fight or struggle once caught. The fun challenge is a great fishing experience, and they taste very good especially when grilled or smoked. 

Amerjack Fishing in Florida

Another best thing about amberjacks is that they are plentiful all year round, especially in Stuart, Fl. Most amberjacks will stay put in their areas, while others are going on seasonal migrations, so finding them is easy. Baits are no problem since amberjacks love to bite any live baitfish and they are not picky.

4. Blue Marlin

Dream big and make it happen this October for Blue Marlin Fishing! Marlin is considered the purest form of big game sportfishing and every offshore fisherman’s dream. Blue and white marlin are the best marlins to target this season in Stuart, Florida. The blue marlin, weighing from 70 pounds to 1,376 pounds is a rod-and-reel world record dream that every blue-water hunter longs for.  

Hunting for blue marlins is best during the day which they prey on schools of fish using their long, sharp bills. Also, most of the time they are frequently seen swimming and feeding near the surface. Typically, most marlin can also be found near water temperature breaks, weed lines, and current changes in all blue water offshore areas near Stuart, Florida. 

Caught Blue Marlin

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