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The Ultimate Guide to Blue Marlin Fishing

Blue marlin fishing is one of the most exciting challenges facing any angler. Marlins are fast and athletic, and they can be extremely huge. When we say huge, it’s humongous! It is also the most revered sport fish on the planet and you’ll never forget everyone you’re lucky enough to catch. If you try Stuart, Florida Charter Boat Excursions, then you’ll likely encounter Blue Marlins.

Where is the Best Place to Catch a Blue Marlin?

Blue Marlins will usually be found feeding on schooling dolphins and tuna 15 to 25 miles offshore in 1200 to 1500 feet of water off the coast of Stuart, Florida. You can also check out Pirates Cove Resort and Marina Fishing Experience Charter.

Bahamas Fishing Charter, in May, June, and July, there are abundant Blue Marlins. The lack of fishing, and the abundance of tunas to feed on, keep the Blue Marlin fishery strong throughout the Bahamas.

How Do You Fish a Blue Marlin?

How Long Does it Take to Reel in a Blue Marlin?

Fighting the fish up the last 50 feet is a skill within itself. Once hooked, all types of Marlin display an acrobatic ability worthy of a ballerina and an acrobat – or perhaps it would be more accurate to compare them to a bullfighter. They dance, skip, and leap through the air on the end of your line, giving the angler the fight of its life. Fishing for Marlins has almost legendary status amongst anglers all over the world. We can truly say that it’s not for amateurs.

How Much Does it Cost to Mount a Blue Marlin?

It’s not cheap. But the cost will matter according to size. You can check out Florida Fishing Charters or the best fishing charters in Stuart, FL for pricing.

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